Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner

3D portable scanners for higher precision scanning of intricate details and sharp edges. Easily digitize complex objects in minutes and import directly into a CAD system.

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Artec Space Spider

Artec Eva & Eva Lite 3D Scanner

A portable 3D scanner for those that need quick, textured and accurate scans. Capturing objects quickly in high resolution and vibrant color, which allows for almost unlimited applications.

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Artec Ray 3D Scanner

Artec Ray 3D Scanner is a 3D portable scanner that captures precise dimensions of large objects such as wind turbines, ship propellers, airplanes and buildings. Producing 3D scans of the highest quality,

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Artec Ray

Artec Leo 3D Scanner

Artec Leo 3D Scanner is a 3D portable scanner designed to offer onboard automatic processing, Artec Leo is able to provide the most intuitive workflow, making 3D scanning as easy as taking a video.

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