Portable 3D Scanning with Artec 3D

Artec 3D portable and desktop 3D scanners are perfect for those needing quick, textured and accurate scans. Capturing objects quickly in high resolution and vibrant color, which allows for almost unlimited applications. And now you can get an Artec Eva Lite for under $10,000 making these scanners extra affordable!

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Artec 3D Scanners are ideal for schools, anthropology, automotive, aerospace, quality control, heritage preservation, archaeology, computer graphic design and more!

5 Scanner models available:

  • Artec Space Spider: 3D portable scanners for higher precision scanning of intricate details and sharp edges. Easily digitize complex objects in minutes and import directly into a CAD system.
  • Artec Eva and Artec Eva Lite:  A portable 3D scanner for those that need quick, textured and accurate scans. Capturing objects quickly in high resolution and vibrant color, which allows for almost unlimited applications.
  • Artec Leo: A 3D portable scanner designed to offer onboard automatic processing, Artec Leo is able to provide the most intuitive workflow, making 3D scanning as easy as taking a video.
  • Artec Ray: A long-range, terrestrial 3D scanner with laser technology for precise capture of large objects and scenes – scanning with submillimeter distance precision and best in class angular accuracy. As a result, 3D data capture is much cleaner than what you’ll find with other long-range scanners.
  • Artec Micro: A 3D desktop scanner designed for small machine parts, jewlery and dentistry. Artec Micro is able to provide the most intuitive workflow, providing metrology-grade 3D scans suitable for quality control and precision mechanics.
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Artec Space Spider Features

Artec Spider 3D Scanner Features:

  • high resolution (0.1mm)
  • high accuracy (0.05mm)
  • lightweight, handheld
  • quality texture
  • sees sharp edges and thin walls
  • can work for hours with a battery
  • scans and fuses the model in real time
  • affordable!

Artec Spider Applications: With high resolution, high accuracy and the ability to see sharp edges, Artec Spider is a perfect solution for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, as well as industries such as medicine, automotive, aerospace, education quality control, heritage preservation and computer graphic design.

Artec Eva Features

Artec Eva 3D Scanners Features:

  • Allow scanning in real time
  • No special markers needed
  • Easy to use
  • Scans moving objects
  • Extremely versatile use
  • Virtually no set up time
  • Highly mobile
  • Have a wide range of applications, including motion and still captures color and texture
  • Affordable!

Artec Eva Applications: Perfect for the creation of special effects, medical and bio-mechanical research. Eva’s textured models can also be used in such industries as animation, forensics and medicine. Extremely portable, these hand-held scanners can be used in the lab, onsite at your location, or outside.

Artec Eva Lite does not capture color, it collects significantly less data. As a result, it uses less power and can be combined with a more affordable computer.

Artec Leo Features

Artec Leo 3D Scanners Features:

  • The most mobile 3D scanner on the market
  • Built-in touch panel screen and simple interface
  • Built-in 9 DoF inertial system
  • Unparalleled texture to geometry mapping
  • Large, professional grade lens system
  • Enhanced color capture
  • No need for targets
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • 3D scan and process even large objects quicker than ever before

Artec Leo Applications: With the ability to 3D scan and process large objects quicker than ever before yet also capture even small details, the Artec Leo is a perfect solution for industrial design, manufacturing, healthcare, science, education and art/design.

Artec Ray Features

NEW! Artec Ray 3D Scanner Features:

  • Ultra-high precision with submillimeter precision to ensure you capture every detail
  • Clean 3D data capture for minimum post-processing time
  • Ability to scan large objects both indoors and outdoors
  • Accessible and convenient 3D data capture
  • Advanced software compatibility

Artec Ray Applications: With the ability to 3D scan for reverse engineering, inspection and BIM, the Artec Ray is a perfect solution for construction, architecture, engineering, heritage preservation, marine, turbines, airplanes, forensics and more.

Artec Micro Features

NEW! Artec Micro 3D Scanner Features:

  • User-friendly 3D Scanning
  • Twin Camera and Blue LED architecture with
    dual-axis rotation system
  • Powerful, robust software
  • High-precision scans at up to 10 microns’ accuracy

Artec Micro Applications: The Artec Micro is a perfect solution for
quality inspection, reverse engineering, jewelry, cultural heritage preservation and dentistry.

Artec Studio

Industry acclaimed software for professional 3D scanning and data processing

Easy 3D scanning in Artec Studio
Powerful 3D imaging software is critical to a smooth scanning experience. It quite literally controls how the scanner captures data and with what level of precision. Artec Studio features the most advanced 3D data algorithms which give you high precision in your results, while at the same time make 3D scanning intuitive and user-friendly.

Powerful algorithms for fast, intuitive scanning

  • NEW AI-powered HD Mode for your Artec Eva or Artec Leo scanner can capture a broad range of objects flawlessly and in high detail.
  • High resolution: Powered by Artec 3D’s AI neural engine, you’ll get stunning, sharp 3D scans with a resolution of up to 0.2 mm thanks to the new HD Mode for Artec Eva and Artec Leo scanners.
  • Learn more about Artec Studio’s new HD Mode >
  • No need to prepare your object in advance, just point the 3D scanner and shoot.
  • Auto-continue allows you to stop scanning and then instantly pick up where you left off.
  • Best in class texture and geometry tracking algorithms for the quickest and smoothest scanning experience.
  • Intuitive algorithms for scanning black, shiny, or fine objects with ease.
  • Smart Base Removal automatically eliminates the base on which your object is standing, even if that surface is curved, and deletes everything below this section. This leaves you with just the data you need, without having to edit it out.

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