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Long Range 3D Scanning

3D Marine Scanning

GKS Marine Services can scan everything from entire ships, off-shore platforms, ship hulls and more.

  • Hull Fairing & Modeling 
  • 3D CAD Modeling & As-built Documentation
  • Measure Shrinkage & Determine Indifference
  • Check out our maritime video to learn more!

Applications of 3D Marine Scanning:

Hull fairing: Maps can be produced showing areas of unfairness on hulls, reducing weight and labor in fairing.

Hull modeling:
Boat hull designs involve complex geometric shapes and therefore can be difficult to measure and model-- GKS can create a precise 3D model of your boat's hull that can be used for design, boat building, simulation and inspection purposes.

Repowering: Have GKS scan your existing engine room to create a detailed digital model that can be used to design your new installation while you're out at sea!

As-built data for offshore platforms:
Many offshore facilities require frequent revamp or modification- quickly & accurately collect 3D data for your offshore facilities with long range 3D scanning.

Restoring or modifying existing vessels: Collect as-built data to assist with design and ABS Classification.

Simulation & Analysis: 3D laser scanning allows for highly accurate, reliable and dramatically faster method for creating 3D virtual models of as-built structures, ensuring that data is true to reality.

Laser alignment: We bring our years of experience operating and maintaining power systems and machinery by offering turbine laser alignment and shaft/coupling alignment services.

Shipyards: 3D laser scanning provides quick checking of dimensions across an entire vessel to be used for monitoring, dimensional control and reducing risk during  remodel.

Ship Surveyors: Record hulls, superstructures, tank spaces or compartments quickly and in tight access areas. Scan data can be used to model, calculate tank volumes, carry out interference checks and be converted in to accurate digital records.

Manufacturers: We can compare millions of points across a plug to the original design model, showing areas of unfairness to provide you with certainty for ongoing CAD design.

The possibilities are limitless! With 3D long range scanning you are not limited to size, environment, daylight/night or space restrictions. GKS offers quick turnaround and accurate, guaranteed results to save you both time and money. Contact us with your marine scanning project today.

We are also Transportation Worker Identification Certified (TWIC) and allows our engineers to enter secure port areas!

Yacht hull, shaft & propellers Turbo charger installation Engine Room

What is Long Range 3D Scanning?

Long Range 3D scanning is a ground-based technique for collecting high-density 3D data to create digital models of complex entities such as seagoing vessels, shipyards, offshore platforms, engine rooms, hull models & more.

Using the highly accurate 3D scan data generated with long range scanning, engineers and designers can create CAD models of actual site conditions by processing the scan data into universally usable CAD models.

GKS has a wide range of experience, from reverse engineering ship hulls to engine rooms and fuel tanks. We pride ourselves on providing the highest accuracy of data and presenting the data in the most useful format to you. With over 25 years experience, we have the ability to transform the massively detailed information recorded by 3D laser scanning in to the correct end product for you.