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iPad & iPhones in CAD: Fast, Accurate, Cost-effective Data

The hot new iPad and iPhone products have caused a big stir in the consumer electronics market. As with any new electronic device, scads of new accessories appear with little lag time to serve the early adopter customer base. The aim of being first to market with these accessories means that these companies urgently need quality 3D data fast.

Companies that make aftermarket accessories for electronic devices such as the iPad and iPhone need high-accuracy CAD files very quickly and at an economical price to remain competitive in the fast-moving and ever-changing consumer electronics marketplace. As leaders in the field of laser scanning for both product designers and the aftermarket accessories market, GKS Services provides the perfect solution for acquiring the necessary high-precision CAD data for the iPad and iPhone in minutes.

The models, in both parametric and parasolid formats, maintain the highest level of accuracy.The scan data captured by high-accuracy laser scanning from GKS is far superior to data generated by do-it-yourself scanners or low-accuracy machines and is available at any time as a complete, downloadable file. It’s safe to say that anyone with less experience would not be able to create this kind of accurate data, ready to use, in less time.
Applications for the iPad and iPhone data fall into three main accessory categories:

1. Form-fitting cases
2. Other protective cases
3. Additional accessories

Whatever your application, a GKS consumer electronics specialist will consult with you prior to your order to verify that the type of files you receive best fits your function.

Form-fitting cases include hard- or soft-bodied protective cases with the exact contour of the consumer products and access to windows and peripheral ports to allow full functionality. Skins with custom designs are also a form-fitting application that need exact dimensional information. Using high-accuracy files from GKS ensures that form-fitting accessories will precisely fit the actual physical geometry of the part. As a value-added capability offered by GKS, offset tolerances can also be built in if needed, depending on your use of the model.

Sleeves, zippered notebooks, holders, flip cases, holsters and screen protectors are examples of other types of protective cases. These types of applications may not require the exact tolerances of form-fitting cases, but the precise measurements of the CAD model will provide an excellent, protective fit in whatever style case is being designed.

Additional accessories run the gamut from basic chargers to docking stations to cabling, connectors, and adaptors for peripherals and plug-ins. Another interfacing device is a stand that holds the iPad and connects it to a keyboard. Ports and other connecting features are precisely depicted in the CAD model so the intended peripheral device fits and functions correctly.

Because of its superb detail-capture and accuracy, laser scanning is ideal for reverse engineering most types of complex consumer electronics devices and their multitude of accessories. GKS’s expertise adds speed and cost-effectiveness to laser scanning’s list of advantages as well. For more information, talk to our consumer electronics engineering specialist about your options.

The End Benefits
Laser scanning is a super efficient method to obtain accurate 3D data of complex shapes; the scanning process for the iPad and the iPhone is very fast, precise, and economical, advantages which are passed on to GKS customers through the excellent CAD files they receive. GKS’s goal is always to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for quality data.

The CAD files’ excellent accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly, the immediate usability of the data speeds time to market of new electronics accessories, keeping them competitive in the sea of innovative choices.

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