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The Surveyor ZS-Series systems

ZS-Series Systems – Highest Precision Standards with Automated Operation

The Surveyor® ZS-Series sets a new standard for precision and ease of use in 3D measurement. Systems are available in many sizes to accommodate a variety of parts and applications. The turnkey system is highly automated to quickly and easily scan simple prismatic shapes and geometry, free-form surfaces, or complex-shaped objects for inspection, analysis, or reverse engineering applications.

Using its patented laser line scanning technology, Surveyor ZS-Series scans parts from all orientations, and then easily rotates the data back into a common coordinate system. The scanner controls up to 7 axes of motion for unattended operation or interactive joystick scanning.

  • Dual-camera sensors that collect data simultaneously
  • CE rated, making them an ideal choice for worldwide customers
  • Technical Specs
Ideal For
  • Part Size: 20” x 20” x 20” to 40” x 63” x 24”
  • Applications: Laser Design offers a variety of laser probe options based on the size and level of detail on the objects to be scanned. Parts such as plastics, metal, rubber, cast, molded, forged, machined, or extruded components, as well as tooling, dies, or molds, are all typically measured items.
  • Surveyor Scan Control proprietary software provides optimization for part specularity, data density control, and filtering as well as macro programming capabilities for automating repetitive applications and eliminating operator involvement.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a test scan as a first step to owning your own ZS-series scanner!